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The Republican Party of Senate District 14 is dedicated to creating growth and opportunity for all Minnesotans! Our Party is a grassroots-driven organization. Together with our elected officials, party leaders, and activists we work hard to promote the ideals and policies that matter to you and your family. If you want lawmakers that are concerned about your safety, your wallet, and your family, join our effort to elect leaders who will fight for your everyday needs and values like safe communities, accessible and affordable healthcare, quality education and minimal yet purposeful government involvement in our lives. 
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Safe Communities

"Without law and order you have chaos and destruction"

 We support law enforcement in Saint Cloud and their community focused efforts like the COP house.

Saint Cloud COP House

Accessible and Affordable Healthcare

"The reason for costly healthcare can be summed up in one short sentence. We pay people (insurance) to pay other people (healthcare providers)."

In order to effect change in healthcare cost we need to get back to the basics and follow the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). One cost reducing, money saving method that has been implemented in a couple of our local Saint Cloud clinics is Direct Primary Care (DPC).  

What is DPC?

Quality Education

"Our schools have two things that we hold dear; our children and our money"

These two things are more than worth the fight. We support local efforts to fight CRT and the further indoctrination of our children. We appreciate the efforts of the local group Kids over Politics

Kids over Politics ISD 748