What is Direct Primary Care

You wouldn't use your car insurance to pay for an oil change? Why do we use insurance for the common doctors office visit. There is no doubt that healthcare has become expensive however we as consumers have not been doing our part to ensure that we are not being overcharged. By using insurance we are entrusting that the insurance companies are making sure that we are getting the best price and they are looking out for our best interest but the insurance companies charge us for doing this work and our providers are increasing the cost for us to process the claims and healthcare prices are rising. In most cases if you had the ability to pay cash for your healthcare it will cost less than paying with insurance. Middle men make things expensive. 

Enter Direct Primary Care. The following video explains what DPC is and how it saves you money time and headache. 

DPC explained


Below are a few Saint Cloud clinics that operate under this reimbursement model.

Sartell Family medicine

Simplicity Health